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  • Resume Revision
  • Personal Statement Essays
  • Application Essays
  • Documents under 4 pages, double-spaced


After working long and hard on an article, thesis, report, or proposal, it's tempting to "just get it done" without having it properly checked and edited by a skilled, second pair of eyes. Don't make this mistake! Let us help.
Editing Boston Clients have had their work featured in world class publications, including:
  • The New York Times
  • The Boston Globe
  • Washington Post
  • Natural History Magazine
  • Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
  • Numerous professional and medical journals
...and we have serviced hundreds of academic clients from such esteemed institutions as:
          • Harvard University
          • Harvard Medical School
          • Harvard School of Public Health
          • Berkeley College
          • Boston University
          • Boston College
          • Cornell School of Medicine
          • Worcester PolyTechnic Institute
          • UMASS Medical School at Worcester
          • Mount Sinai School of Medicine
          • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
          • Tufts University 
          • Tufts University School of Medicine
Editing for Businesses
We also service dozens of clients on an ongoing basis who have their own businesses (or work for businesses) in marketing, computer services, business consulting, massage therapy, psychotherapy, and more. Ask about our special Editing Hours Packages for ongoing clients and businesses!
Medical Editing
Research Proposals and Papers, Journal Submissions, Book Chapters
As a doctor, nurse practitioner, medical fellow, resident, or student, on top of your demanding clinical schedule, you are expected to conceive of and conduct your own research and publish articles in prestigious medical journals in your field.
When you're already burning the candle at both ends, getting an article or research paper in shape for publication can seem like an insurmountable task. We know because we've worked with countless medical professionals to get their content into publishing shape, fast. Email us, call us. We know where you're at, and we can help.
Affordable Pricing to Complete Your Editing Project, Fast
When we were deciding how to charge for our services, we noticed by searching around on the internet that independent editors often charge hundreds to thousands of dollars per project, without any quantifiable explanation for these prices. We see editing as a necessary, everyday service that should be available to everyone in all walks of life -- we fix things for you, just like plumbers or carpenters (though I promise our rates are much more affordable than these guys can sometimes be!).
It is our mission to provide professional, publishing-quality editing at rates regular folks can afford.
  • Thousands of articles, book proposals, business proposals, and written applications never make it past a reviewer's first glance.
  • A high percentage of university papers at any academic level get lower than average grades, not because of the ideas presented, but just because they were difficult to read or understand.
  • Distracting errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation can destroy a work -- even if the content is great!

Don't be undermined by mistakes in your writing, or if writing just isn't your strong point -- we can help!


*For at-a-glance writing help, check out our
Writing Tips and Tools
Is requesting writing or editing help cheating, or admitting defeat?
Writing isn't second nature for anyone. If you are a student or scholar, you may already be aware that dissertation and thesis review committees often request that candidates submit their work to a professional editor prior to their academic review. If you speak English as a second language, hiring a professional editor is almost the same as hiring an English tutor or going to an ESL class -- only cheaper! You will be able to see all of the corrections to your English when the editor sends your document back, and learn from those corrections to improve your writing.
Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, scholar, professor, doctor, author, business owner, or in any other category -- I can assure you that your Boston Editor will not, in any way, ever alter the meaning of your text. We are meticulous about not interfering with your content. 
If we find something in your document that we're not sure about, we will leave it as is, and post a question in the margin giving you options of ways to re-write that section, and let you choose which one is the best for your intended meaning. You are the expert -- and you can see us as your executive assistants: asking thoughtful questions, pointing out potential problems, meanwhile fixing all the little things you don't need to be bothered with.

Professional Writers use Professional Editors...

Editing is an acceptable and necessary stage in the development of any type of writing.

No professional writer in the world submits a piece for publication without first running it by a top editor. Whether you are an experienced writer or not, you need a comfortable working relationship with a professional editor to take your writing to the next level.

Editors at Editing Boston help hundreds of writers every year improve and perfect their work. Our expert Boston Editors are available for:

      • Website Content Editing
      • Editing Articles for publication
      • Editing for Novels, Short Stories, and Non-fiction
      • Editing for doctorate/Ph.D. and Masters MA/MS Papers
      • Editing for Thesis / Dissertations
      • Business Editing
      • Editing for Marketing and Advertising
      • Sales Copy Writing and Editing
      • Editing for Business School Papers
      • Editing for Research Papers
      • Editing for College Application Essays
      • Editing for Medical School Personal Statements
      • Editing for Residency Personal Statements
      • Editing for SAT, GRE, or TOEFL practice essays
      • Editing for Emails
      • Editing for Resumes
      • Editing for Cover Letters
      • Other Editing Projects

Editing Boston Editors have edited published works for:

      • Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
      • Natural History Magazine
      • Affinnova, Inc.
      • Anthem Entertainment
      • Thrive Boston Counseling
      • Christian Counseling Today Magazine
      • Journal of Mental Health Counseling
...and written and edited for many individuals and organizations in a wide range of fields including:  
      • Anthropology
      • Art
      • Computer Science
      • Conservation
      • Engineering
      • Market Research
      • Medicine
      • Philosophy
      • Politics
      • Psychology
      • Religion

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Fast and Professional Editing Results

  • Like many of our clients, you may be working up against a tight deadline. At Boston Editing, rush projects take top priority.
  • There are a lot of editors, writing services, and writing specialists in Boston. The editors at Editing Boston are expertly trained and pride themselves in providing the best customer care in the editing business.
  • Boston Editors at Editing Boston know what your readers, reviewers, professors, or colleagues are looking for when they read your writing. You already have great ideas. Great editing can make your work stand out above the rest.

A second pair of discriminating eyes can make all the difference. Don't procrastinate on getting the professional editing services you need to make your work great!

Again, our telephone number is (617) 279-0019. Call or email and speak with an editor today!


Your Boston Editing Team

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