Email Editing in Boston

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The average business executive sends
out 400 emails every week...

Email has become so much the status quo, and such an acceptable mode for communication, it has become common for even important correspondences to be sent by email.

Even where email is considered a "casual" form of communication, typos, misspelled words, and poor grammar still show through and can create a bad impression. 

Editors at Editing Boston know the importance of sounding clear, confident, and polite in your emails. With extensive experience writing and editing all types of email content, from personal to business, we can turn your emails around - fast! Often, even within the hour that you've sent it to us! 
Since we can edit emails so quickly, we are pleased to offer this premium service at just $15 per email.
Call us at 617-279-0019, or send the email you wish to have edited directly to our email at with the subject "email content for editing".